Jacob Goda, the first graduate of SMCC’s inclusion program in Monroe.

This past week, it was our honor to host, at our office, a community of people so that they could learn more about the St. Margaret of Castello fund.  We shared food, drinks, and a discussion about the fund.  We watched a video about a young man with Down syndrome and his classmates who attended a high school community that nurtured and supported his development as a person and a student.  There were a few tears shed within our community that night.  I am confident they were tears of inspiration, not sadness.

The event was a tremendous success.  It was a great example of community taking place with amazing grace.  We would not allow loneliness and isolation to metastasize in a community such as we were experiencing.  We had purpose and meaning. Some might say it was God at work.  If nothing else, it was community at work.