Create a Fund

Thank you for your interest in working with the Catholic Foundation of Michigan. Our team is here to help you put your faithful philanthropic values into action. With the Catholic Foundation, you have the flexibility to establish a charitable giving plan tailored to your philanthropic interests and goals.

Please contact our team to guide you through the process of creating your customized giving plan.

Gifts with Immediate Impact


A good choice for people who want to be actively involved in grant making today — and may consider a permanent endowment in the future. GUIDE and APPLICATION.
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More About Donor Advised Funds

One of the most popular charitable giving tools available, a Donor Advised Fund with the Catholic Foundation can offer you a wealth of benefits including:

  • An efficient, consolidated system for managing charitable giving
  • Tax benefits to offset gains from asset sales, receipt of large bonuses/windfalls or as part of estate tax planning
  • An annual summary of all your gifts for tax purposes
  • Full charitable deduction for your gifts without having to make immediate donations to charities
  • Ability to name your fund — or give anonymously — without having to establish a Private Family Foundation
  • Create a fund with $5,000

A giving option that helps provide essential support to specific charities today — and extend that support far beyond a lifetime. GUIDE and APPLICATION. Please scroll below or click here to learn more.

More About Permanent Endowments

With a permanent endowment, your commitment to the causes you care about can be continued beyond your lifetime. When you establish a permanent endowment fund with the Foundation, you can be assured that we will prudently invest and manage your permanent gift.

  • Create a permanent endowment with a gift of cash, securities, or complex assets, or you can establish a Donor Advised Fund that can convert to a permanent endowment upon your passing.
  • Once in place, your Endowment Fund will grow and make annual distributions to support the charities and/or charitable causes you’ve identified.
  • The fund is managed to ensure a perpetual source of support so gifts will be distributed in your name for generations to come. Others can add to the endowment to honor your legacy.
  • Create an endowment with $10,000

Anyone can create a granting fund related to a field of interest to you and join us in our annual competitive granting awards. GUIDE and APPLICATION.

More About Granting Funds
  • A granting fund is an endowment invested for the benefit of a particular purpose. These endowments allow for 5-10% annual distributions which can be granted through the Foundation’s annual competitive granting process.
  • Create a granting fund with $25,000.

Donors specify the beneficiary organization of this advised fund at the time of the gift. GUIDE and APPLICATION

More About Designated Funds
  • A designated fund is ideal for families, individuals and groups who are committed to support a specific project or charity and/or desire to set up a memorial for a loved one.
  • Create a fund with $5,000.

Support future generations at a beloved school. GUIDE and APPLICATION. Please scroll below or click here to learn more about scholarship funds.

More About Tuition Assistance Funds
  • A tuition assistance fund is a permanent fund that holds its principal in perpetuity and is invested for the benefit of a particular purpose.
  • Create a permanent tuition assistance endowment with a gift of cash, securities, or assets. The school or donor can even establish an endowment directed to a specific population or need.
  • The tuition assistance endowment fund will grow and make annual distributions directly to the named school(s) according to your wishes, for generations to come.
  • Once established, anyone can contribute to the fund and help it grow.
  • Create a tuition assistance endowment with $10,000

The Catholic Foundation of Michigan will accept one-time, reoccurring, or planned gifts of money, securities, retirement plan assets, fully paid life insurance policies, and more. Gifts may be given to a specific fund or designated for gifting by the foundation. Contact us or donate online with any major credit card.

Deciding on a Fund or Giving Strategy

Not sure which fund or giving strategy is best for you? We’re happy to meet with you at our offices, over the phone, in your home or at the restaurant of your choice. We can share what’s worked for other individuals and families in similar situations — or help you formulate a totally new strategy.

We’ll help you discern:

  • The income and estate tax implications of each way of giving
  • Ways to structure your giving to satisfy your unique circumstances
  • How the Catholic Foundation will ensure that your intentions are honored today and over time

The Foundation pre-screens all organizations that receive grants to ensure we support only those that operate in alignment with Catholic values.