Helping Clients Make a Faith-filled Impact

As a trusted professional advisor,

you know many of your Catholic clients seek to give according to their faith and leave a meaningful legacy in our community. The Catholic Foundation of Michigan makes it easy for your clients to give joyfully and generously in accordance with their values while maximizing the impact of their gifts. When you work with us, you continue to control the client relationship.

The Catholic Foundation offers donors of all faiths the convenience of a single source to give to numerous charities; expert assistance and advice tailored to donor needs and interests; optimal tax benefits; and the opportunity to create meaningful, enduring legacies through generous and responsible giving to the community. We offer options for donor advised funds, endowments, and planned giving.

Why Professional Advisors Choose the Catholic Foundation:

You can help your clients achieve their charitable and financial goals. And we can help you help them.

  • You control the client relationship. We can extend the range of services you offer to clients.
  • We’re flexible about the types of assets we accept and the kinds of funds your clients can choose from through our investment services with Merrill Lynch. Your clients’ interests will be safeguarded through our proven partnership with Merrill Lynch and their robust policies and controls.
  • We build philanthropic legacies. Donors who set up permanent funds can feel secure that we will honor their charitable intent in their names forever.
  • We offer effective grantmaking. Our staff are deeply engaged with impactful southeast Michigan nonprofit organizations and ministries.
  • We are tax smart. Your client receives the maximum tax deduction allowed by law for charitable contributions, greater than establishing a private foundation. Your client receives an immediate tax deduction for contributions to a fund, while grants from the fund may be made over time.
  • Your client will be in good company. By joining a community of generous, faithful Michiganders and a respected lay-led Catholic organization, your clients know their charitable gifts will make a difference.
  • We offer personal service. We take care of asset transfers, investing, grantmaking, record keeping, and reporting. You and your clients will deal with people, not automated menus. You’ll also have access to experts on local needs and nonprofit organizations.


An alternative to a private or family foundation

For many, a donor-advised fund with the Catholic Foundation of Michigan is a wiser choice than a private foundation. Administrative costs are lower and donors can take advantage of our investment staff and grantmaking experts.

With the Catholic Foundation, you can be assured that your clients’ charitable giving will benefit, in perpetuity, the value-based causes that are most important to them and that their funds will always be invested according to donor wishes and Catholic principles of investing.

The Foundation works with Catholic leaders and financial professionals like you to maximize the desired outcomes. Let the Foundation’s team show you the advantages of a donor-advised fund by contacting us today. For additional resources to help families discern between a family fund or a private foundation, please click here.



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