At the Catholic Foundation of Michigan, we recognize the enduring strength of our shared story—one woven with threads of faith, generosity, and an unwavering commitment to our Catholic values. Our mission, rooted in Christ’s love, aspires to make a lasting impact on our community’s long-term needs.

With over $65 million stewarded and $48.1 million invested in just over five years, we have witnessed the transformative effect of charitable giving in our parishes, schools, ministries, and nonprofit organizations. We extend heartfelt appreciation to you, our supporters, whose generosity fuels our mission. Your belief in our shared story connects us, shapes us, and propels us forward.

May the stories in our 2023 annual report lift your spirit, offering glimpses into the remarkable work unfolding in our area. With your continued generosity, we look forward to collaboratively ensuring future generations carry on our Catholic story.

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