In late 2018, the Catholic Foundation shared the story of one family’s generous decision to open a fund with the Foundation for St. Clare of Montefalco Catholic School, in honor of the family’s mother, Mary Frances Donahoe and aunt, Elizabeth Hodgin.

The Mary Frances Donahoe and Elizabeth Hodgin Tuition Assistance Fund provides multiple students tuition support for their nine years of study. Two cycles of students have now received funding.

This year, Ann Crowley, Principal at St. Clare of Montefalco School, provided a heartwarming, meaningful update about how this fund is changing lives at their school. 

Our entire community is blessed in so many ways by the gift in the memory of these wonderful women. – Ann Crowley, Principal

Mary Frances Donahoe and Elizabeth Hodgin

“Our entire community is blessed in so many ways by the gift in the memory of these wonderful women,” Ms. Crowley said. “We want to let you know how the spirits of Mary Frances Donahoe and Elizabeth Hodgin touched the children’s lives this school year. They brought great comfort to these little ones and are helping them have their dreams come true.”

It was a year of pain and loss for the school; the community of students’ parents and grandparents lost at least 13 adults to COVID-19 during the Easter season. Many others had relatives who were survivors. And it was also a year of many bright spots – a drone field trip in the gym, an all-school field trip to Blake’s Cider Mill, iPad centers in all classrooms, and the Big Buddies pairing program between younger and older students, to name a few. And during the period of distance learning, there was a feeling of security in receiving daily lessons and being with the teachers virtually throughout each day.  

Thanks to the generosity of one family, eight students so far, in kindergarten and first grade, have received full scholarships/tuition assistance for their entire time at St. Clare. Many of them have relatives in the school and relatives who are alumni. Some descriptions from Ms. Crowley about these eight students include: 

“His spiritual connectedness to his teacher and love of coming to school helped him embrace learning.”

“He answered many of Fr. Andrew’s questions during weekly mass.”

“His favorite activity is sounding out any word he sees and he was able to advance two reading levels in his small class this year. He has a great sense of humor.”

“She has a unique personality and is outgoing in so many ways. Her classmates enjoy her, and she is a hit whenever she is on stage.”

“She is a leader in the classroom and helps her classmates when they need assistance.”

“The small class sizes brought a true family feel to all those in each classroom,” Ms. Crowley shares. We are grateful to the Donahoe family for their generosity which is helping provide hope for the future at St. Clare of Montefalco school!

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