Sharing the joy of generosity through impactful investment is at the heart of the Catholic Foundation, and that joy is clear in the five board members who joined the Foundation in 2020. Each new member brings a unique set of experiences and skills, and all bring their passion for living out their Catholic faith and building up the Church.


Beverly Beltramo, Director of Spiritual Care at Ascension, has rich history of serving Christ in those most in need. With years of experience as a chaplain, Beltramo oversees spiritual care for over 14 Catholic hospitals throughout Michigan. She was called to join the board because she believes in the beauty of a foundation that can work effectively with donors’ investments for the most impact. For her, the Foundation is an avenue through which to make the Gospel and Church teachings a living part of our communities. “The social teachings of the Church are a rich, deep, tradition that invite us to live out the Gospel. They can make us uncomfortable because they challenge us to go below the surface. The Catholic Foundation gives that faith tradition ‘feet’,” Beltramo reflects.


Rosanne (Bommarito) Brugnoni has led a career dedicated to leadership in health care. While she has lived out this role in many arenas (hospital, nursing home, academic, and insurance), her greatest passion is home health care. She began her service on the board early in 2020. She joined its Grants and Impact Committee just as the COVID-19 pandemic was beginning to develop. In a time of uncertainty and fear, she is proud of the ways the Foundation was able to relieve financial stress for those most impacted by the pandemic. Brugnoni speaks highly of the strong investment strategies employed by Foundation and of the assurance it provides to donors. “When giving through the Catholic Foundation, you are joining a community of Catholic philanthropists to impact lives within the community,” she emphasizes.


Michael Brillati is the CEO of Salus Group, an employee benefits and administration company he founded 16 years ago which now reaches across 17 states. In his personal experience, the Catholic Foundation is essential in providing the Catholic community with an avenue for supporting Catholic groups’ long-term futures, and he encourages others to take advantage of the Foundation to contributing to their charities of choice. One of Brillati’s personal passions is that quality Catholic education be made available for all who desire it, regardless of ability to afford it.


Doug Noble is a partner at Foster Financial, a commercial real estate company in Grosse Pointe. He looks forward to serving a foundation that is well-equipped to financially benefit the Catholic community. “The Foundation is a great vehicle to continue to empower Catholic groups to do what they do best—help the individuals in the community.” He takes pride in being one of the younger board members and feels a strong connection with a younger generation of Catholics. With that in mind, he is focused on how his actions will affect future generations. “To have some control as to where money is being spent and to leave behind a legacy is really important to me,Noble shares.


Frank Roney, now retired, was a senior executive for IBM Corporation for 20 years. Prior to his time at IBM, Roney was a partner with Price Waterhouse in Detroit for 16 years. Roney’s Catholic identity was formed at an early age. He was raised in a Catholic family of seven brothers and attended Catholic school through high school. Today, that formation has instilled a firm resolution to give back to the Catholic community. He states, “I believe that for whom much is given, much is expected.” For Roney, the Foundation provides the avenue needed to build up the Catholic faith and give back to Catholic causes.


“When giving through the CFM you are joining a community of Catholic philanthropists to impact the lives within the community.” – Rosanne (Bommarito) Brugnoni, Catholic Foundation of Michigan Board Member

The spirit of generosity that called these individuals to deeper service to their Catholic communities was also driven by confidence in the impact and fruitfulness of the Catholic Foundation of Michigan. President and CEO Angela Moloney is excited about the growth of the Foundation’s participation, asset size, and community awareness. “As the Catholic Foundation continues to grow, I am pleased to welcome the highly talented leadership of our new board members. I am grateful for the dynamic and unique perspectives that each of them will bring to our community,” she says.

You, too, can approach your own call to generosity with confidence when you create a fund for the charitable organization you long to support!

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