“Spirit-led” grants will power missionary activity and evangelization

Throughout the history of the church, the Holy Spirit has inspired women and men to bring the Gospel to the people of their time in new and innovative ways. In our missionary work across the Archdiocese of Detroit, disciples are called to be innovative, bold, flexible, adaptable and willing to learn from the inspiration and ideas of the Holy Spirit.

That is why, as a direct response to the Archbishop of Detroit’s message in Unleash the Gospel, the Catholic Foundation was called upon to create the Spirit of Innovation granting fund.

Through “Spirit-led” grants, Catholic parishes, schools and organizations in the archdiocese will be able to develop, launch and grow new initiatives, ministries and approaches that share the Good News with all, forming joyful missionary disciples. 

“The call to unleash the Gospel is the work of a generation. No matter the circumstances in the Church or the world, we know Christ has called us to boldly proclaim the good news of Jesus, risen from the dead. He invites us not simply to receive this news but to be his co-workers in bringing others into relationship with Him,” shares Fr. Steve Pullis, Director of Evangelization and Missionary Discipleship for the Archdiocese of Detroit, and liaison to the fund.

“Pope John Paul II called the Church to evangelization with new methods. The Spirit of Innovation grant uniquely helps make these new methods possible, giving them the support to touch many more lives and spark further innovation for the growth of God’s kingdom,” Fr. Steve continues.

This fund, managed by the Catholic Foundation, will help activate projects that are bold and innovative. Even after Sent on Mission is complete, the Catholic community will continue to engage in a supportive, transparent and competitive process for Catholic organizations throughout the archdiocese to receive funding and articulate measurable impact on evangelization.

John and Kristan Hale with their children.

“The Spirit of Innovation Grant is yet another example of the way that the Holy Spirit is moving in and among our community here and now. The Holy Spirit is asking each of us to prayerfully be attentive to new and exciting ways to bring the message of Christ’s love into our world. This grant is an exciting indication of our community’s response,” share John and Kristan Hale, Chairs of the Sent on Mission Stewardship Committee.



Distributed in December, Spirit of Innovation grants will:

  • Activate future initiatives to serve beyond the work of individual parishes and their Missionary Strategic Plans 
  • Inspire disciples to dream and innovate
  • Attract national ministries and organizations
  • Support innovative and outward focused missionary work in the Archdiocese of Detroit
  • Respond to future inspirations of the Holy Spirit


The Catholic Foundation of Michigan will offer competitive Spirit of Innovation Grants ranging from $10,000 to $100,000 and expects to make the first distribution in December 2020.

Learn more about our 2020 granting process.