At the Put Your Faith Into Action event this week, Founders’ Circle members and friends had the opportunity to tour Ford Field and network over dinner and then learn from nonprofit and tax lawyers Celeste Arduino and Andy Curoe of Bodman PLC about leaving a family legacy.

The focus of the event was on specific ways to put our faith into action through giving.

“In just two years we have created around 70 Donor Advised Funds or family funds; parish, school and family endowments; and tuition assistance funds and endowed scholarships for Catholic schools. We have raised $14M and distributed almost $2M in both competitive and donor advised grants. All of this in line with Catholic, biblical values,” Angela Moloney, President and CEO of the Catholic Foundation, shared in her introduction.

Angela also highlighted the reading from Luke’s gospel from the previous Sunday, which spoke of financial matters:

“The person who is trustworthy in very small matters is also trustworthy in great ones; and the person who is dishonest in very small matters is also dishonest in great ones.” (Luke 16:10)

“We learn throughout Luke’s gospel that money can be both a blessing and a curse: either to be used solely for one’s own benefit, or as a tool, as a means of showing care for our neighbor,” Angela reflected.

“This countercultural dichotomy, for most of us, presents a struggle. Many of us want to say, “yes, I am in”. But at times, lack the specifics of how. We often do not know the best tools to make our charitable dollars make the most impact,” she continued.

The presentations by Andy and Celeste offered insight into how to best put our faith into action through our giving. They gave information about various types of charitable giving and the benefits of lifetime gifts and estate plan gifts, along with the various tax deductions available. They also discussed the differences between having a private family foundation and a donor advised family fund. Throughout the evening, a memorable time was had by all!

What fund will help you best put your faith into action?