The Catholic Foundation of Michigan is committed to ensuring that Catholic values are passed on to the next generation through our beloved Catholic schools of southeast Michigan.

Since 2017, the Catholic Foundation has:

  • Endowed $1M for Catholic Education
  • Granted $800,000 to schools
  • Established 12 tuition assistance funds

The following 12 Catholic schools ranging from kindergarten through high school, have benefited from this outpouring of generosity:

  • Austin Catholic High School
  • Divine Child High School
  • Gesu Catholic School
  • Most Holy Trinity School
  • Loyola High School
  • Shrine of the Little Flower
  • Regina High School
  • Sr. Timothy Mercy High School
  • St. Anselm Parish School
  • St. Fabian School
  • St. Linus Catholic School
  • St. Regis Catholic School

Each of these schools has created a permanent endowment fund administered by the Catholic Foundation, where the principal is held in perpetuity, grows, and makes an annual distribution for the operation and mission of the school, for generations to come.

Please join the Catholic Foundation in supporting the vital mission and programs at these Catholic schools by contributing to their endowment funds. Your support helps them reach an even greater number of young people formed for service to others.

Or are you called to create a new endowment fund to support a Catholic school? Either way, we can help. Together we can educate the next generation, assuring a promising future for our Catholic community.

Open an Endowment Fund