Life Directions is a Detroit-based organization whose mission is to motivate young adults, ages 13-35, to mature into responsible, productive adults through self-direction.

According to Founder Fr. John Phelps, C.s.s.R, their vital work began in 1973 with five young adults who inspired each other to be faithful to the mission of “Peers Inspiring Peers through Forgiving”.

Today, critical mentors who are rooted in their values, including peers and grandparent figures, mentor others who lack people of wisdom in their lives. Through mentorship these challenged individuals are encouraged to be self-responsible and balanced, and in turn they are inspired to be involved with others for the sake of the next generation.

“Mentors make a critical difference in the life of a young adult by sharing their life experience and wisdom.”

The Mentorship Fund is inspired by the hope of the next generation. Life Directions Mentorship is designed to identify, train and develop adult mentors for young adults, who in turn mentor others younger than themselves.

Mentorship also happens through the Life Directions board mentoring their peers to provide sustainability for staff. Staff manage all three mentorship programs: 8th Graders mentored by high schoolers; high-achieving students motivating their high school peers; and adults and parents who engage in the community and encourage their peers to see themselves to be part of the solution to the problems young adults face.

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