St. Anselm parish school, in Dearborn Heights, is the beneficiary of a Catholic Foundation of Michigan endowment. The foundation’s first fund was opened through the generosity of its long-time pastor Msgr. James Moloney, who opened the endowment for his “beloved parish school” to help ensure the funding of ongoing operational and maintenance needs.

St. Anselm students waiting for their next class to begin.

Principal Angela Kraetke said the school is debt-free. Through the support of parishioners, parents and alumni, money is easily raised for scholarships. However, as with older buildings, there are ongoing maintenance and improvement needs.

“I’m blessed to be a Catholic school principal. Our Pastor Msgr. Moloney is incredibly supportive of me and the school, as are the parents,” Mrs. Kraetke said. “Unlike public schools, we can bring Jesus into everything we do – we can talk about our faith when things are going well, and especially when tragedies happen, whether in the world, or in a student’s family.”

St. Anselm principal Angela Kraetke: “I’m blessed to be a Catholic school principal.”

Like many Catholic school principals and teachers, Mrs. Kraetke attended Catholic school herself, beginning at Divine Child grade school and graduating from its high school. Later, she taught high school English for 9 years at her alma mater before becoming St. Anselm’s principal, in 2014.

Having a supportive environment and financial resources enables Mrs. Kraetke to work on her mission: “We’re educating God’s children with the goal to get them to heaven. Is there anything more important?!”

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“We can help form and educate each of God’s children,” according to principal Angela Kraetke.