The Catholic Foundation is grateful for generous supporters who understand how important it is to provide the opportunity for all students to receive an excellent education grounded in Catholic belief and practice. 

In 2020, aware of the financial difficulties some families were facing, a small group of donors and the Archdiocese of Detroit opened the St. Anne Scholars and St. Martin de Porres scholarship funds. These funds have grown and are providing increased opportunities for students this fall. In the 2022 school year, the Catholic Foundation granted over $332K in scholarship awards to 131 students across the Archdiocese of Detroit. To date, the Foundation has awarded nearly 300 students from 43 schools across the Archdiocese of Detroit, totaling roughly $750,000.00.

“The Archdiocese of Detroit and I are pleased to provide gifts to support the St. Anne’s Scholars Fund, and we’re honored by those who join us in making possible a Catholic education for children,” Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron said in a statement.

The scholarships are awarded after a review from a scholarship committee, which receives applications from families. School principals and pastors are encouraged to nominate three families from their communities to apply. Families interested in applying can reach out to their pastors and principals or the Catholic Foundation in the spring to learn more about the process.

The coordinated work of the Foundation, the scholarship committee, and supporters in the community make these scholarship funds unique in three ways:

Personal – The application process allows us to connect with both the school and the family in a profound way to learn of the specific needs in the Catholic school community and respond directly to fill the needs. Together, we are able to reach many families that often fall through the cracks -those forgotten and overlooked in the system.

Significant – The average size of one Foundation scholarship is: $2500/per student annually.

Impact Focused – We help steward donors passionate about Catholic education and connect them personally to students and schools in need.

This past year, an anonymous donor was moved by the increasing number of applicants who were children of Catholic school teachers and gave directly to fill that special need. This helped provide scholarships to the children of ten dedicated Catholic school educators. “Being a Catholic schoolteacher and single parent, it is thanks to donors like you who make it possible for my children to attend a Catholic school so their relationships with the Lord can be strengthened daily in a family-like atmosphere,” shared a parent of a scholarship recipient.

It would be impossible for my children to attend Catholic School without this support. We have many medical bills, along with other financial debt. Our Catholic school and parish is our lifeline and hope during this difficult time,”  shared another parent. 

Anyone can make a gift to these existing scholarship funds in any amount and make a difference. Give online below or contact the Foundation staff at 248-548-3020.

Supporters can also create a scholarship fund that is both unique and personal, based on specific goals. Examples could be tuition assistance for students at a particular school, students interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) or the arts. Scholarship funds can be opened with a gift of $25,000 or more.

Your direct support is a helping hand, and more importantly, provides a renewal of hope, faith, and the infinite love and protection of God.

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Benefitting Schools Since 2020:
All SaintsMCES (St. Mary), MonroeSt. Anne Catholic SchoolSt. Joan of Arc Catholic SchoolSt. Pius X Catholic School
Cabrini ElementaryMost Holy TrinitySt. Anselm Catholic SchoolSt. Joseph, ErieSt. Valentine Catholic School
Christ the KingOur Lady of Good CounselSt. Augustine Catholic SchoolSt. Joseph, Lake OrionSt. William Catholic School
Divine Child Elementary SchoolOur Lady of RefugeSt. Charles BorromeoSt. Joseph, Trenton
Gesu Catholic SchoolOur Lady of SorrowsSt. Clare of MontefalcoSt. Lawrence
Guardian AngelsOur Lady of the LakesSt. Edith Catholic SchoolSt. Linus Catholic School
Holy NameOur Lady Queen of MartyrsSt. Edward on the LakeSt. Mary, Royal Oak
Holy RedeemerOur Lady Star of the SeaSt. Germaine Catholic SchoolSt. Mary, Mt. Clemens
Immaculate ConceptionSacred Heart Catholic SchoolSt. Hugo of the HillsSt. Patrick, Carleton
John Paul IIShrine Catholic Elementary SchoolSt. Isaac JoguesSt. Regis Catholic School
Author: Dan Meloy
Republished with permission from Detroit Catholic.


A Detroit Catholic reader has begun a $100,000 match campaign in support of Warren-based Immaculate Conception Ukrainian Catholic School’s effort to educate refugees from the ongoing Ukrainian-Russian War.

The anonymous donor worked with the Catholic Foundation of Michigan to establish a short campaign to raise funds for scholarships to cover the cost of tuition for refugee students who are attending the school this year, after reading about the school’s efforts in an Aug. 24 article in Detroit Catholic.

Parents, children and supporters of the Ukrainian Catholic community in southeast Michigan gather Aug. 23 at St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Church in Warren during a prayer vigil. (Photos by Daniel Meloy | Detroit Catholic)

“The Catholic Foundation of Michigan’s whole mission is to make giving easy for our Catholic faithful,” Angela Moloney, executive director of the Catholic Foundation of Michigan, told Detroit Catholic. “We had a donor reach out to us after reading this beautiful article in Detroit Catholic and wanted to share their generosity to ensure these children had the ability to attend Catholic school.”

The anonymous donor wanted to use the Catholic Foundation of Michigan as a fundraising mechanism for Immaculate Conception Ukrainian Catholic School so a wider audience could learn about the campaign and donate to the school. The fund includes a dollar-for-dollar match up to $50,000.

Posters urging prayer for the people of Ukraine are pictured inside a classroom at Immaculate Conception Ukrainian Catholic Schools in Warren. This fall, the school is welcoming up to 100 refugee students who have fled the war in Ukraine.

“(I was) moved to tears by the beautiful story of both the plight of the Ukrainian school children and the generosity of the Immaculate Conception Ukrainian Catholic Schools community in welcoming,” the donor wrote to the Catholic Foundation of Michigan. “Like many around the world, my prayer regularly includes the Ukrainian people who have had their lives torn apart by the terrible assault on their nation and way of life.”

Donors can give to the Immaculate Conception Ukrainian Catholic Schools Refugee Support Fund to help cover tuition for the estimated 100 refugee students who will be attending Immaculate Conception this school year.

Having the fund administered by a third-party fundraising source like the Catholic Foundation of Michigan allows recipients, such as Immaculate Conception Ukrainian Schools, to focus on its mission while the Catholic Foundation focuses on the minutia of raising funds, Moloney said.

Moloney recalled speaking with Immaculate Conception Ukrainian Catholic Schools superior Fr. Daniel Schaicoski, OSBM, and principal Mary Anne Gruda, who were grateful for the donor’s generosity.

“It was so grace-filled, speaking with Fr. Daniel and Mary,” Moloney said. “As I was learning more about the school, how giving and generous and joy-filled the school is to be doing this, the hearts of these educators are so huge, it’s impressive. I asked Fr. Daniel if he thinks we could raise the other $50,000 in the community to meet the match, and he said, ‘Hands down. I know this community is generous, and we can do it.’”

“It seemed the Catholic Foundation was the most effective way to turbocharge the effort,” the anonymous donor wrote about the Ukrainian schools fund. “The school is in terrible need of support for these children now and into the foreseeable future. The Catholic Foundation can relieve some of the burden of fundraising for the school by helping to get the word out as well as easily accepting and administering new gifts, both large and small, and making the necessary grants.”

Beyond raising the money, Moloney said the Catholic Foundation is happy to tell the story of Immaculate Conception Ukrainian Catholic Schools, a small school in Warren that is making all the difference in the world for children escaping a war.

“This isn’t just another Catholic school for these kids,” Moloney said. “This is going to be a home that understands them and can embrace them in a way any other school or community might not do. This is a beautiful, perfect fit for these kids and families who have lost so much already. This is our Gospel call to help them.”

Update 11/1/2022:
Your financial donation in support of the Ukrainian refugee students at IC Schools now goes further! The anonymous donor providing the matching funds to the Immaculate Conception Ukrainian Catholic Schools Refugee Support Fund has increased the match by $25,000. This brings the total match to $75,000.00 and we’re nearly at our goal!

Each donation made will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to an additional $25,000. Click this link to donate today:

Support the Immaculate Conception Ukrainian Catholic Schools Refugee Support Fund

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Support tuition assistance for refugee students at Immaculate Conception Ukrainian Schools, Warren MI.

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Written by Elizabeth Gardiner


Have you been inside an elementary school when the recess bell rings? The hallways erupt with noise as children quickly put on their coats and head for the playground doors. Those doors fly open with children anxiously running to their favorite play structure. Children are scaling the rock wall, hanging from monkey bars, racing down the slides, swinging with friends, and much more. Kids are being kids (outside!) – they are running, shouting, playing, high-fiving, laughing, socializing, making friends, and most importantly, having fun. It is a schoolyard filled with pure joy!

Now imagine the looks on all of these children’s faces when they get to the play structure and see that sections of their ONLY play structure are blocked off with bright yellow caution tape. Imagine how these children feel when that bright yellow caution tape could remain untouched for months or even an entire school year. The kindergarteners who were so excited to finally be able to play on the “big kid” playground, are wishing they could have their preschool playground back.

As a former 1st grade teacher of sixteen years, I see a great need for a new playground at the parish, St. Joseph the Worker in Lake Orion, one of the fastest growing parishes in the diocese. Kids need to be kids at recess time!  The joy would be unstoppable! A new playground would lead to better physical and mental health, along with cognitive, social, and emotional gains for the students of the school and our church.

An inviting playground will invite families to stay after mass and allow their children to play. An inviting playground can act as an incentive for your grandson to behave at mass. An inviting playground may act as a center point for catholic evangelization as young families gather to watch their kids play. An inviting playground can be more if we choose to look at it differently. We live in a society that has brought us inside in front of our electronics when we are called to be out and spreading God’s word. We believe a playground serves more than the school-age children that attend the school, it serves the community at large.

Pictured: St. Joe’s current structure is in disrepair and does not accommodate all grades or those with special needs.

My husband says all the time that God works in mysterious ways and the creation of the St. Joseph Playground fund is a testament to that. One Friday evening in May, my husband came home from a sporting clay fundraiser. He mentioned that he and a few parishioners of St. Joe’s parish started talking about how a sporting clay event would be a great fundraiser. When I heard the idea, I was on board and told him, “Let’s do it, let’s build a playground!” He was thrilled and one thing led to another.

In a few short months and countless hours of preparation, St. Joseph’s School in Lake Orion will be hosting “The St. Joseph Sporting Clay Classic” at Bald Mountain on Thursday, October 6, 2022.  The St. Joseph Sporting Clay Classic, in a special way, is dedicated “ to the joy of our children”.  All funds will be used to grow a restricted fund within the Catholic Foundation of Michigan for the purpose of St. Joseph’s Catholic School Playground.

Various donors have already heard the call and have generously donated to a designated fund at the Catholic Foundation of Michigan. The Foundation has been fundamental throughout the process by establishing a registration page for the event and an account that safeguards donations for its intended purpose.

“It is our hope and prayer that the children of God come together to see this project completed for the joy of His children. To this end, this is the core reason why we felt partnering with the Catholic Foundation was essential, as this fund will outlive each one of us. ” -Elizabeth and David Gardiner

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The Cathedral is alive with the sound of children, thanks to the continuance of an incredible initiative, the Cathedral Choir Academy (CCA) of Detroit. Now in its fourth year of residence at the Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament, this comprehensive after-school choral music program serves both urban and suburban youth of all faiths, grades 3-12.

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Support the building of the playground at St. Joseph Catholic School, Lake Orion.

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The origin of St. Kieran Church in Shelby Township dates back to June 8, 1962, when Cardinal Dearden outlined the boundaries for the parish. Three weeks later Reverend Edward Obuchowski was installed as Pastor on June 24, 1962 and groundbreaking for the temporary church building took place on July 1, 1962.

Over the years many priests, sisters, and deacons have ministered at the parish. Their ministry touched numerous people in many ways, including marriage and Baptism preparation, leading Bible Study classes, ministering to the sick and dying and conducting wake service. The parish has grown to 3,275 families and continues to faithfully serve the people of Shelby Township.

This year, on June 24, 2022, the parish honored its faithful legacy and celebrated 60 years of faithful commitment. Hundreds of parishioners gathered to celebrate the anniversary mass.

To commemorate St. Kieran Parish’s 60th Anniversary, the parish also launched a mini-campaign to ensure the parish’s legacy continues in the community for the next 60 years. The $60 for 60th Anniversary Campaign, invited families to prayerfully give to the St. Kieran Parish Endowment Fund, held at the Catholic Foundation. The fund was created by the parish with the Catholic Foundation in 2018 to support the ministries and mission of St. Kieran, for both today and tomorrow.

June 24, 2022 Hundreds of parishioners celebrate 60th anniversary mass.

“The Catholic Foundation is proud to support St. Kieran Parish in honor of its 60th anniversary. This is precisely the heart of our mission – to inspire the hearts of the faithful and ensure our beloved parishes are here for generations to come,” shared Angela Moloney, President & CEO of the Catholic Foundation.

Over 100 parishioners responded to the campaign in bountiful generosity raising thousands of dollars for the endowment fund, with amounts ranging from $60 to $600.

“We are thankful for all those who made sacrifices so that we can worship, learn and enjoy fellowship in such a holy and beautiful environment. Our complex, with its striking pyramid structure, is a pillar of the community and a beacon of light and joy to all who enter.”

Join other faith leaders who have chosen an endowment as a simple and effective tool that ensures that our Catholic organizations are supported not just for today, but forever. Learn more by calling the Catholic Foundation of Michigan at (248) 204-0332. 


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UDM Dental Students and pre-dental students

The Malta Dental and Medical Clinic (Malta Clinic), with the help of hundreds of volunteers and supporters, has had more than 16,000 visits by uninsured homeless, elderly, and veteran patients in its 18-year history. Now, a family’s generous creation of a new endowment fund will help secure the Malta Clinic’s ministry for the future.

The family of the late John Tierney was inspired to make the gift because of the long friendship between John and Lou Mahoney, founder of the Malta Clinic. The two friends met in college at the University of Detroit through their future wives, who were high school friends and sorority sisters. Over the years, they bonded through their love of family, faith, travel, and cards. Be it bridge or euchre, they loved being partners. And the two men admired each other’s work ethic and commitment to the community. 

“Malta Clinic was a true passion of Lou’s and the Tierney family is making this gift in recognition of his commitment. Our family will match every $1 raised up to $30,000 for the Malta Clinic endowment fund,” explains Christine  Tierney, daughter of the late John Tierney.

John Tierney and Lou Mahoney passed to everlasting life, but their memory and legacy live on with the gift of this endowment fund. A permanent endowment is a fund designated to provide stable, ongoing financial support to a parish, school or organization – forever. The principal is legally protected and grows through prudent investing.

In 2021, the Malta Clinic provided more than 1,900 visits for uninsured patients. These visits include teeth examinations, x-rays, hygiene, fillings, tooth extractions, medical care for chronic diseases, diabetes, blood pressure, asthma and, in recent months, eye examinations. All care is provided by volunteers: physicians, dentists, dental hygienists, nurses, physician assistants, and students from Wayne State’s Medical and Pharmacy Schools and the University of Detroit Mercy Dental and Dental Hygiene School

In 2019, in recognition of the Malta Clinic’s work in the community, the Catholic Foundation of Michigan awarded the clinic an impact grant through CFM’s annual granting process. In 2021, working with the Catholic Foundation, the Malta Clinic opened a donor-designated fund to support its present and future work, and provide much-needed care and community to Detroit.

The Tierney and Mahoney families, Malta Clinic, and the Catholic Foundation are proud to partner and encourage others in the community to join. “This endowment fund is a celebration of Christian community and charity,” shares Angela Moloney, President and CEO of the Catholic Foundation.

Malta Clinic Dental Director Nancy Harmon observes that the Malta Clinic reaches those who perhaps most need reassurance of God’s love and mercy because of the barriers they have faced. “We don’t only provide health care, as important as that is. Our goal is to treat each patient as Christ, to accord all patients their dignity as children of God.”

Please join the Catholic Foundation in supporting this vital mission by giving to the endowment fund. Through your generous gift, you are helping to create a legacy of healing – physical, emotional, and spiritual – for those in need.

Update as of 11-15-2022: Thanks to the generosity of the community and the Tierney family, the original $30K match increased to a $50K match and was met! $100,000 was raised in support of the Malta Medical Clinic.

Endowment: Support Malta Clinic’s Needs for Forever

Designated: Support Malta Clinic’s Needs for Today

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This fund supports the mission and ministry of Malta Clinic in Detroit, Michigan.

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