To support students at Divine Child High School and Elementary School in Dearborn, MI with diagnosed learning differences.

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To provide financial scholarships to college-aged students who are encouraged to live grow and share their Catholic faith after high school.

Give to the Fund

The Catholic Foundation of Michigan joyfully announces the launch of the Capuchin Fraternity Fund.

The Capuchin Fraternity Fund will help sustain the Capuchin friars of the Province of St. Joseph, headquartered in Detroit, and honor their dedicated lives of ministry and service.

The Capuchin Fraternity Fund was established at the Catholic Foundation of Michigan to provide generous donors with the opportunity to ensure the longevity of Capuchin’s life and ministry through a perpetual endowment. “A fund at the Catholic Foundation of Michigan gives our donors an option to see their generosity live on through this legacy endowment,” shared Brother Nicholas Blattner, O.F.M. Cap.

Through 2023, your gift to the Capuchin Fraternity Fund will have double the impact, thanks to a generous $15,000 matching gift. Your contribution will be matched dollar-for-dollar, making your support go even further in ensuring the longevity of the Capuchin mission. Donate today to help the Capuchins unlock a $15,000 new fund match. A gift of any amount can show your encouragement to these faithful men and help them carry out their vital ministry for generations to come.

“I have long admired the work of the Capuchin order. In college and early in my career, I volunteered at the soup kitchen and with Earthworks Urban Farm, noticing the humble example of the brothers. This endowment is the fruit of the gratitude our community has for their mission and life,” said Angela Moloney, President and CEO of the Catholic Foundation.

“The entire team at the Catholic Foundation has been a pleasure to work with. They made setting up a fund at the Foundation a straightforward process. As a bonus, their investment strategy is 100% in line with Catholic Social Teaching, so you do not have to worry about your hard-earned dollars supporting a company engaged in immoral activity,” said Brother Nicholas.

The Capuchin friars have been a vital force for good for over 150 years in our area. Many friars dedicate their entire lives to serving the people of God, and this endowment seeks to support them during their retirement years as they transition from active ministry to a ministry of prayer and presence in the friaries. Additionally, the fund will play a crucial role in covering the medical costs of aging friars. Education is a key focus as well. In a world where the cost of education is steadily rising, this fund ensures that Capuchin friars are well-prepared for their future ministerial roles throughout the Province.

The Capuchin Fraternity Fund is more than a financial endeavor; it is a testament to the enduring spirit of generosity, hope, and service that defines the Capuchin way of life. Together, with the community’s support, the Capuchins embark on a journey to create a lasting impact on the lives of those they serve and the Church they cherish.

“The Capuchin Fraternity Fund not only believes in the good work going on today but believes in the good work that will occur beyond our sight. It is a fund that is founded on hope for the Church. Hope for the future. Hope for the poor and hungry,” shared Brother Nicholas.

We hope you join us and double your gift to the Capuchin Fraternity Fund!

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To support the Capuchin friars of the Province of St. Joseph in their lives of ministry and service, headquarters in Detroit, MI.

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To provide operational assistance and ensure the future of St. Mary Catholic School in Royal Oak, Michigan.

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To support youth educational programs for St. Michael Catholic School and Parish in Livonia, Michigan.

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To provide need-based scholarship assistance for those wishing to attend programs offered by focus: L.I.F.E., a project of Life Directions in Detroit, Michigan

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The Laudato Si’ Endowed provides grant funding to support creative environmental projects that build a holistic care for creation in line with the papal encyclical, Laudato Si’. The Laudato Si’ Endowed Grants are awarded to Michigan nonprofit ministries and/or schools. Grants are awarded in manner that promote the care for our common home and the promotion environmental issues of as outlined by Catholic teaching

Give to the Fund

The power of education is undeniable. It has the ability to change lives, create opportunities, and to inspire individuals to be the best versions of themselves. For Karen and Bill Flynn, their Catholic education has been a driving force behind their success and their desire to give back.

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The origin of St. Kieran Church in Shelby Township dates back to June 8, 1962, when Cardinal Dearden outlined the boundaries for the parish. Three weeks later Reverend Edward Obuchowski was installed as Pastor on June 24, 1962 and groundbreaking for the temporary church building took place on July 1, 1962.

Over the years many priests, sisters, and deacons have ministered at the parish. Their ministry touched numerous people in many ways, including marriage and Baptism preparation, leading Bible Study classes, ministering to the sick and dying and conducting wake service. The parish has grown to 3,275 families and continues to faithfully serve the people of Shelby Township.

This year, on June 24, 2022, the parish honored its faithful legacy and celebrated 60 years of faithful commitment. Hundreds of parishioners gathered to celebrate the anniversary mass.

To commemorate St. Kieran Parish’s 60th Anniversary, the parish also launched a mini-campaign to ensure the parish’s legacy continues in the community for the next 60 years. The $60 for 60th Anniversary Campaign, invited families to prayerfully give to the St. Kieran Parish Endowment Fund, held at the Catholic Foundation. The fund was created by the parish with the Catholic Foundation in 2018 to support the ministries and mission of St. Kieran, for both today and tomorrow.

June 24, 2022 Hundreds of parishioners celebrate 60th anniversary mass.

“The Catholic Foundation is proud to support St. Kieran Parish in honor of its 60th anniversary. This is precisely the heart of our mission – to inspire the hearts of the faithful and ensure our beloved parishes are here for generations to come,” shared Angela Moloney, President & CEO of the Catholic Foundation.

Over 100 parishioners responded to the campaign in bountiful generosity raising thousands of dollars for the endowment fund, with amounts ranging from $60 to $600.

“We are thankful for all those who made sacrifices so that we can worship, learn and enjoy fellowship in such a holy and beautiful environment. Our complex, with its striking pyramid structure, is a pillar of the community and a beacon of light and joy to all who enter.”

Join other faith leaders who have chosen an endowment as a simple and effective tool that ensures that our Catholic organizations are supported not just for today, but forever. Learn more by calling the Catholic Foundation of Michigan at (248) 204-0332. 


Create an Endowment Fund for Your Beloved Parish