College is about more than just classes—it’s a time to discover joy and purpose. That’s the essence behind the Keeping the Catholic Faith Scholarship, a heartfelt initiative by a Michigan family in partnership with the Catholic Foundation of Michigan.This newly established fund aims to empower graduating seniors committed to discovering authentic joy and purpose through their Catholic faith.

The Keeping the Catholic Faith Scholarship offers financial assistance to college-aged students from Kalamazoo county, aspiring to live, grow, and share their Catholic faith post-high school. Recipients can apply for up to 3 additional years, totaling 4 scholarships or $4,000.

“The Catholic faith has been an amazing gift in helping us discover our purpose, which of course is loving God and other people,” shared the anonymous family behind the fund. “Unfortunately, 2 out of 3 teens going to college stop going to church regularly. But God is always calling us – He is this amazing light and love and is constantly reaching out to you and me, embracing you and me.” 

The idea for the scholarship came during a quiet holy hour of prayer. “God nudged us to help graduating seniors face the societal pressures of college life and share the good news of the Gospel through their actions,” the family recounts. “Like most college students, I missed out on a lot of true joy and growth in my college years while seeking pleasure and escape through partying and, well, being a normal college student.” 

Faith and generosity are at the heart of this family’s journey. “Our Catholic faith guides us to love God and others. It’s a daily struggle, but with faith, we grow to desire the good of others,” they share. Opening the scholarship wasn’t their idea. “It was God’s nudge, and we encourage others feeling the pull to donate to Catholic causes and follow His will. He always provides.”

Discovering the Catholic Foundation of Michigan was a turning point. “Our local foundation lacked the flexibility and passion we needed. The Catholic Foundation said, ‘This is a great idea, let’s do it!’ They’ve been amazing stewards.”

Our hope is that as students consider this scholarship opportunity before starting college they will be prepared to say yes to God’s will for them and no to the temptations that exist on campus.”

This scholarship asks applicants to reflect proactively on the many decisions they have to make on their own during college, especially how they decide to live and practice their faith.  “We want students to think about their choices, including alcohol, sexuality and the people they surround themselves with on a regular basis. We want them to have fun without regrets,” they explain, highlighting the connection between faith and responsible decisions. 

More than financial aid, the Keeping the Catholic Faith Scholarship serves as a beacon of joy, inspiring students to navigate college with purpose, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to their faith.

If you resonate with the mission of the Keeping the Catholic Faith Scholarship, consider supporting it. Your contribution can help graduating seniors discover real joy and purpose through their Catholic faith as they embark on their college years. Together, we can empower the next generation to live, grow, and share their faith.

To learn more about the scholarship requirements or the application process, please contact Christina Shabo by calling 248-204-0332 ext. 4. or by emailing

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