Nurturing a Lasting Legacy in the Heart of Mexicantown

Stories connect us to the past and invite sacred encounters.

In the heart of Mexicantown Detroit, the Holy Redeemer Catholic Parish and School community thrives. With deep roots dating back to 1882, Holy Redeemer has been a center of faith that has evolved with the neighborhood.

The Catholic Foundation is blessed to be part of their story of transformation and growth. Thanks to support from the Catholic community, eight charitable funds have been established at the Catholic Foundation for Holy Redeemer’s benefit, ensuring they remain vibrant and faithful to its mission.

“Our partnership has blessed not only our students’ receiving scholarships but also provides donors with an easy avenue to give,” shares Sr. Kateri Burbee, SOLT, principal at Holy Redeemer.

Together, we bring the community together, allowing supporters to encounter the valuable, sacred education the school provides. This collaboration tells a powerful story—one of strength in honoring the past and uniting to ensure Holy Redeemer’s legacy continues for generations.

“Thanks to the Catholic Foundation, support has grown and this allows families to call Holy Redeemer ‘home.’”