Join us on April 13th in celebrating the feast day of St. Margaret of Castello,  the patron saint of the St. Margaret of Castello granting fund held at the Catholic Foundation.

Saint Margaret of Castello, born in 1287 near Florence, Italy, faced severe physical ailments from birth, including being a dwarf, having a curved spine, lameness, and blindness. Despite her family’s embarrassment and abandonment, she found solace in God’s teachings and joined the Dominican Third Order of Castello. Throughout her 33-year life, she remained serene, praying fervently and performing acts of penance and charity. Her suffering made her empathetic to others’ trials, and she became known for comforting the sick and dying.

Even after her death, she is believed to intercede for those who pray to her, with many cures attributed to her. Canonized by Pope Francis in 2021, she continues to inspire and is a patron saint for those facing physical afflictions and abandonment.

Saint Margaret of Castello is the Patron Saint of Children with Disabilities. A granting fund was created in her name at the Catholic Foundation to help fund schools, parishes, and teachers who wish to educate all of His children.  In her lifetime she was cast out because of her own disabilities and told that she could not participate in society because of her special needs.  Yet, with God’s grace, she grew up to be a Third-Order Dominican and spent the rest of her life teaching children, especially those with disabilities.

This Feast Day, we invite you to join hands in prayer and action. Ask for prayers for those in need and consider supporting the St. Margaret of Castello Granting Fund. Your donation will not only make a direct impact but will be doubled, thanks to our generous $250K matching grant. With your support, we can fuel inclusive grant programs for Catholic schools, ensuring that no child who is different, like St. Margaret herself, is ever turned away.

Let’s carry forward St. Margaret’s legacy of compassion and inclusion. Together, we can create a more inclusive and loving community for all.

Celebrate the Feast of St. Margaret of Castello with us by generously contributing to the St. Margaret of Castello Granting Fund.