In a world where simple acts of kindness and generosity can be like beams of God’s light, some people shine especially brightly. Frank Morelli was one of those exceptional individuals, and his light continues to radiate through an annual event that brings together a community of supporters, all in the name of a noble cause – the Frank Morelli Legacy Fund.

On October 3rd 2020, Frank Morelli tragically passed away after a horrible car accident. Gone too soon, family and friends remember him as being a man of strong faith and character, who brought a smile to everyone he met. His warmth, jovial personality, and big heart brought a smile to everyone he met. He worked as a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch and was a committed supporter of St. Vincent de Paul.

In partnership with St. Vincent de Paul, Frank’s business partner and dear friend, Frank  Migliazzo helped launch the Frank Morelli Legacy Fund to support the mission of sending economically disadvantaged youth to St. Vincent de Paul’s Camp Ozanam.

Camp Ozanam, nestled in the heart of nature, provides a safe haven for economically disadvantaged boys and girls. It is a place where they can heal from difficult circumstances and connect with mentors who believe in them, just as Frank believed in everyone he met. The camp embodies the same warmth and jovial spirit that Frank Morelli radiated in his lifetime.

Annually,  friends, family and colleagues come together at the Great Oaks Country Club in Rochester Hills in memory of Frank Morelli. It is a day of unity, remembrance, and joy, where the community gathers to honor Frank’s memory and support the cause he held dear – St. Vincent de Paul’s Camp Ozanam.

The program began with a short address by Janet Morelli. She invited the guests to raise their glasses in a tribute to Frank and expressed her heartfelt thanks on behalf of the Morelli family to everyone in attendance. The short presentation also included remarks from Julia Hohner, the Camp Ozanam director who was accompanied by two campers whose lives had been profoundly touched by the camp’s programs. They shared their experiences and stories, painting a vivid picture of the transformative power of Camp Ozanam, which had been made possible through the Frank Morelli Legacy Fund.

Frank Miglizao, Frank Morelli’s business partner, shared the remarkable progress of this year’s campaign, announcing that nearly $80,000 had been raised, with the goal of reaching the annual goal of $100,000. It was a moment that reflected the tremendous impact of community support in keeping Frank’s legacy alive.

The Catholic Foundation extends its deepest gratitude to the golfers, event sponsors, generous donors, campers, the Morelli family, and all those who come together each year to commemorate Frank’s legacy of compassion and service. Their presence and contributions are a testament to the enduring impact of his work.

As we remember Frank Morelli and honor his legacy, we invite you to join us in supporting the Frank Morelli Legacy Fund. Every dollar raised contributes to sending more underprivileged youth to Camp Ozanam, where they can find healing, mentorship, and the same warmth and spirit that Frank embodied.

Frank Morelli’s legacy lives on, not just in the memories of those who knew him but also in the lives of the young campers whose futures are brighter because of his enduring kindness and generosity. Together, we can ensure that this legacy continues to make a difference for generations to come.