Your steadfast support during another unpredictable year fills us with gratitude. Our Catholic community of compassionate donors and dedicated partners continues to grow, and we are honored to serve as your trusted steward.


In 2021, the Catholic Foundation created meaningful lasting Catholic legacies. Together with our 200+ fund holders, the Foundation granted over $3.4 million to nearly 400 organizations, helping our parishes, schools and ministries thrive today and forever. We were especially honored to support individuals, families, and organizations in establishing 14 memorial and tribute funds to honor faithful individuals whose legacy will live on for eternity.


Our Catholic values and faith set us apart. We exist to develop possibilities for faithful people to address the needs and enhance the lives of people throughout our area. The Foundation provides the opportunity to make a forever-impact, to leave a Catholic legacy.

View our 2021 Annual Report

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As we celebrate the Foundation’s work of the past year, we invite you to read the following stories and learn how, with Christ as the center, we are building forever funds and investing in the long-term. Join us as we build, grow, sustain, and improve our community—forever.


We are grateful to God and to you. In the report linked above, you will find the many highlights of this year like no other. None of us knows what the future holds, yet we know our community will thrive when we build it together. Forever starts today.


Give now. Support Forever.


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