This fund will provide grants that can create and sustain initiatives that uphold the inherent dignity of life and build a cohesive network of disciple advocate leaders among our families, our youth, our schools, our parishes and in partnership across our communities.

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In 2005, pro-life student groups from across the state of Michigan gathered together on Michigan State University’s campus to establish a coalition to protect life on college campuses in Michigan. This newly established alliance of pro-life students named their group Protect Life Michigan.

Since then, the organization has grown with a staff of trained professionals to mentor students into exceptional pro-life leaders. Currently the organization serves thirty high school groups, twenty-two college groups, and three regional networks from cities across Michigan.

Their mission to build a new generation of leaders is threefold: to recruit passionate young people and train them for pro-life leadership, to educate youth on life issues and pregnancy resources, and to connect students to strengthen their impact.

Protect Life Michigan is building an army of pro-life defenders in places where the pro-life message is typically silenced. In colleges and high schools around the state, students are being equipped to defend the pro-life position and change the minds of their peers. Their presence on campus shows pro-life students that they are not alone and helps them turn their convictions into effective action to save lives.

Many student activists are transformed by the work and connections made through the training and advocacy provided by Protect Life Michigan. “As long as I have known Protect Life Michigan, I have never felt alone in this movement. Protect Life Michigan has taught me to know, love, and serve the person in front of me,” shared Mary Payne, a student. 

In the 2020-2021 year, Protect Life Michigan reached over 316,543 people with the pro-life message, provided training to 4,135 students, and led 365 hours of outreach.

College students, however, are not the only ones getting involved in Protect Life Michigan’s work. To help sustain Protect Life’s ministry and amplify its growth, an anonymous donor generously created the Protect Life Michigan Endowment Fund.

“The gift of this endowment was made possible through the estates of my father and grandmother. In the midst of a long depressing season, including a miscarriage, other deaths in the family, health concerns, a drastic change in family circumstances, and professional setbacks, I recognized that a portion of the wealth in these estates should be used to help restore a vibrant culture of life.”

The donor wanted to ensure that the pro-life message and the mission of Protect Life Michigan continues for generations to come. “My life began through an unplanned pregnancy in a college town, and the reason I’m alive today is because of pro-life advocates,” the donor shared.

An endowment fund is an investment for the future. The charitable contribution is invested, grows, and each year, Protect Life Michigan can receive a portion of the investment. The remainder is then reinvested to provide ongoing resources for the future.

“Protect Life Michigan is proud to partner with the Catholic Foundation of Michigan to manage our endowment fund and allow us to ensure the pro-life message is brought to campus for years to come,” shared Christen Pollo, Executive Director.

“Having an endowment means that Protect Life Michigan has a steady stream of support for years so it can continue to build a pro-life community in the Mitten. Donors give to the fund through the Catholic Foundation and they, in turn, ensure it is only invested in life-affirming means,”  shared Christen Pollo, Executive Director 

Please join the Catholic Foundation in supporting this vital mission by donating to this life-giving fund. By giving to the Protect Life Michigan Endowment Fund, you’re ensuring that voices for the unborn are raised up for generations.

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To provide tuition assistance for students of Regina High School.

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Brian V. Hill Education Foundation for Marriage and Family Granting Fund

“Every Christmas, our family would watch ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’,” shares Angela Hill. After losing her husband, Brian, over six years ago, she still gets tears in her eyes talking about this tradition. “He loved the movie and would weep while watching it. Brian felt like George Bailey at different points in his life, and would remember the gift of life we received in 2005 when our oldest daughter received a heart transplant just before Christmas.” 

The year 2014 was the last Christmas that Brian Hill watched this heart-warming movie with his wife and three children, Andri, Ally and Vincent. On March 28, 2015, Brian was diagnosed with cancer in every major organ in his body. Just six weeks later, on May 14, 2015, God called him home.  

“Although everything was progressing so fast, every moment seemed to happen in slow motion as we tried to process what was happening to our family. We made it with our faith, our extended family, and our parish community,” shares Angela. 

As a way to honor Brian, Angela opened the Brian V. Hill Education Fund for Marriage and Family with the Catholic Foundation of Michigan. By opening this granting fund with the Catholic Foundation, Angela hopes to give monetary assistance to Catholic schools, men’s and women’s groups, marriage and marriage prep ministries, and youth ministries who will benefit from the gift of the teachings of John Paul II Theology of the Body. The grants can help fund bible study materials, guest speakers, retreats or any other forums to teach Theology of the Body.

Angela knows Brian would want this fund set up. “Starting this fund in Brian’s name is about celebrating the work that God does and wants to do in broken people. Theology of the Body is about learning how to be human and understanding God’s plan for sexuality and marriage, ” shares Angela.  

“Our children’s children and all children should learn about Theology of the Body. We need to also provide learning opportunities for adults who have never heard about Theology of the Body. To live our greatest life we must know how to be human,” says Angela.

“Despite all the health challenges and trials we faced in our marriage, family life was by far Brian’s greatest gift. He always wanted more for his family, not materially, but foundationally. Don’t we all want that?”

Creating a granting fund with the Catholic Foundation of Michigan gives funders the opportunity to target their contribution to the area most important to them. These funds are broad in scope, yet targeted to meet the persistent needs of the community–in the case of this fund, around education about Theology of the Body. 

After a fund is established, the Foundation’s granting team identifies, evaluates, and awards grants to the most qualified and deserving organizations in the funder’s area of interest. This allows a funder to ensure that the professional management of their fund is aligned with Catholic values, and allows the funder to have peace of mind while the Foundation takes care of fund promotion and visibility, and all administrative aspects of the granting process. 

In the case of the Brian V. Hill Education Fund for marriage and family, the granting fund is also a unique opportunity to remember and honor Brian Hill’s life while making an impact in the community.

Angela’s prayer is that this granting fund will not only honor Brian as one of the original founders of the “Regular Joes Mens’ Prayer Breakfast” at Our Lady of Good Counsel parish in Plymouth, but will also keep his memory alive as he loved to learn and serve. A gift to The Brian V. Hill Education Fund for Marriage and Family will impact young couples preparing for marriage and provide opportunities to bring hope and healing to families that want to understand God’s greatest gift.

“Starting this fund in Brian’s name is about celebrating the work that God does and wants to do in broken people. Theology of the Body is about learning how to be human and understanding God’s plan for sexuality and marriage,” shares Angela Hill.

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