In 2020 our Catholic values called us to be generously empathetic, confidently transparent, and faithfully inspired.

Together as one community of faith, the Catholic Foundation of Michigan increased giving by 102%, helping our neighbors in need and strengthening a multitude of parishes, schools, and nonprofits with mission-critical funds – distributing over $2.4M.

Early in the year, in the midst of multiple crises and a time of fear and uncertainty, the Foundation team rapidly responded with clarity, faith, and love. Our trusted relationships, our operational infrastructure, and our ability to be agile allowed us to respond strategically and boldly deploy grants to ministries in urgent need.

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Together as Christ-filled people, grounded in our mission of service and our commitment to working as one, we will confidently face challenges, welcome opportunities, and joyfully build for eternity. We cannot know what the future holds, but with collective vision, wisdom, and expertise, we are confident that the Catholic Foundation will be ready.  


We are grateful to God and to you. In the report linked above, you will find the many highlights of this year like no other. Thank you for your continued commitment.

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