Corpus Christi Catholic Community in Detroit is a diverse, vibrant parish that attracts worshippers from across the Archdiocese. “The manifestation of so many different cultures and nationalities of the Body of Christ brought together in one location makes our parish very special,” shares Fr. Patrick Gonyeau, parish administrator. “Our community worships God joyfully, loves to be with one another and has a rich commitment to Christian service and evangelization,” he continues.

Carolyn Wilson, Director of Operations for the parish, joined the parish in early 2019. “More than anything it was the hospitality and the welcoming culture of accepting, caring people that drew me in,” she reflects. Around the time she joined, the parish was in the midst of preparing for a significant leadership transition.

In July of 2019, the parish’s beloved pastor of 31 years, Fr. Don Archambault, retired. Around that time, he received a generous gift for the parish endowment efforts. With this gift Fr. Don and the parish finance council chose to start a new endowment with the Catholic Foundation, in addition to a previously established endowment. They were attracted to opening an endowment with the Foundation due to its successes and because Fr. Don was committed to providing for the future health of the parish and not having “all their eggs in one basket.”

The parish finance council was also interested in the competitive advantages of working with the Catholic Foundation, such as the clear distribution process as well as the visibility and marketing the Foundation provides. “We were also attracted to how the Foundation is strengthening our Catholic community through making grants for impactful projects. We feel like we are partnering with the Catholic Foundation in setting up this endowment,” shares Carolyn.

When asked about his experience working with the Foundation, Fr. Patrick shared, “It is crystal clear that the Foundation’s staff are radically committed and available to all of those who hold endowments with them. I love working with them.”

“It is crystal clear that the Foundation’s staff are radically committed and available to all of those who hold endowments with them. I love working with them.”
—Fr. Patrick Gonyeau, Corpus Christi Parish
“The Foundation helps you to champion the endowment with good marketing materials and assistance in appeals,” he continues. He also found the online portal for fund holders to be very practical and easy to use.

To those who are considering doing something to support a parish they loved or a pastor they wished to honor, Fr. Patrick says, “I couldn’t recommend highly enough for people to make a gift to an endowment for an institution they love. That kind of gift is a perpetual blessing and is a great way to let your gratitude echo throughout the generations and bless those yet to come. It’s kind of like God’s love; there’s amazing momentum.”

The financial gifts of some in the parish and greater Catholic community empower the vibrant, Spirit-led work of others in the community. “People have different gifts and talents; the financial generosity of some allows others to do good work spiritually and pastorally. We all have been given something we can share and no gift or talent is too small. Corpus Christi is blessed with a multitude of gifts, and not just financial.
For those that do have financial wealth, the Foundation supports them with that process so that we at the parish don’t have to,” Carolyn shares. “We are an inspiring parish that carries the Catholic Foundation’s mission of uplifting inspiring work.”

For those who would like to learn more about Corpus Christi parish, Fr. Patrick urges, “Come and visit if you are interested in a tremendously powerful experience of God’s infectious love made present through our joyful celebration of the passion of Jesus.”


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