You need a strong foundation to build something that will last. Since 2016, the Foundation has grown to meet the needs of our community and beyond, building up parishes, strengthening schools and supporting dynamic ministries. We could not have done this good work in our Catholic community without you.

In our third year, the Catholic Foundation of Michigan continues to be blessed with generous support from our donors while supporting the ever-growing need of ministries in our area. During 2019, the Foundation’s portfolio grew to nearly $16 million, and since its founding, it has granted over $3 million.

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This impressive growth is due in large part to the many people who participate in making an impact in our community. When people work together for a shared goal, dynamic energy and enthusiasm is created that leads to a greater outpouring of generosity. Our report this year celebrates that kind of community-based collaboration.

This report tells the stories of faithful and generous collaborators who are passionate about a better tomorrow. You are a part of our story. We are grateful for all that you have offered, and we look forward to continuing to work with you for years to come.


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