The Catholic Foundation of Michigan is very happy to welcome staff member Suzanne Stolz who serves as Director of Finance and Administration.

As Director of Finance and Administration, Suzanne is responsible for the Foundation’s fiscal and administrative operations: accounting, financial management, budgeting, audit, tax, investment, human resources and general operations. She joined the team in early October 2019.

Suzanne comes to the Foundation with a Bachelor of Science in Management from Michigan State University, a Master of Science in Accountancy degree from Western Michigan University, and more than 10 years of budget and financial management experience.

Prior to joining the Catholic Foundation, Suzanne was the Chief Financial Officer of the Community Mental Health Partnership of Southeast Michigan. This work in the government sector, providing services to a very vulnerable population, was motivated by Suzanne’s dedication to the community through public service. This commitment to making an impact in the community has made her transition to the Foundation a great fit.

“Suzanne is a bright, organized, creative, and dynamic addition to our leadership team. I am confident in her leadership abilities to build upon the efficiency and excellence of the Foundation’s service to the community,” President and CEO Angela Moloney says.

Suzanne grew up in a small town in southwest Michigan attending the local parish, St. Mary’s of Paw Paw. She and her family are currently members of the St. Patrick parish in Brighton. She serves on the boards of two local nonprofit organizations.

“I’m excited to utilize my skills and to ignite hearts through faith-focused philanthropy,” Suzanne shares.

To connect with Suzanne, email her at