Holly and Justin Rutt are co-founders of The Little Flower Soap Co., which sells handmade natural bath and beauty products. Launched in 2010, their company recently received national recognition in an Amazon Storefronts small business feature advertisement.

The Rutts had been looking for an opportunity to be charitable with the profits from their business but weren’t sure how best to go about it. At a dinner party during the Christmas season, friends of theirs were talking about the Catholic Foundation of Michigan.

Holly and Justin were eager to work with an organization that their friends trusted. “Hearing that we could set up a fund right away that could grow while we gave more thought to where we felt called to give felt like a clear sign from God,” Holly says. The process was simple and straightforward, she adds.

“Having a donor advised fund helps us be more intentional and set better goals for our giving. The fund makes it fast and easy to log in and send a gift to any of our favorite nonprofit organizations. It makes it more likely for us to give on divine inspiration, rather than put giving on the backburner and then forget to get around to it,” Holly shares.

The Rutts hope to increase their giving each year to local nonprofit organizations as their business grows. “Sometimes it’s challenging for us to find time to volunteer like we know we are called to do, and in those times it’s wonderful to be able to provide some financial support instead.” Holly says. “It is a very heartwarming experience to give to others.”

Its quick and easy to start your own Donor Advised Fund.