Giving generously brings joy, and it changes lives.
By sharing with those in need, we follow Christ’s desire for us and participate in bringing hope and new life in the world.

We invite you to consider a unique, impactful way to generously share with others.

The Catholic Foundation’s impact grants provide competitive annual awards to Catholic schools, parishes, and local ministries throughout southeast Michigan. This year, we empowered the dynamic work of 35 ministry programs with over $100,000. Next year, with your help, we will award even more.

Join us in our granting efforts by giving to one of the following funds:

During this Advent and Christmas season, we ask for your prayers, and we invite you to share your own prayer intention so that we can be praying for you and those you care about, too.
Click here to gather your prayers with the greater Catholic community (put “Prayer Intention” at the top).
Thank you for your prayers and generosity.