The Catholic Foundation is dedicated to the highest levels of transparency and professionalism. Working with investment advisors at Merrill Lynch, we are committed to prudent investment strategies that will maximize the impact of your fund, while always following socially responsible Catholic investment policies.

Scott G. Bennett, CFP
Sr. Vice President, Wealth Management
Peninsula Private Wealth of Raymond James

Jim Chapman, CPFA, AIF


Gregory DeMars
Retired Partner, Honigman, Miller,
Schwartz and Cohn LLP

Michael J. Madison
CFA Portfolio Manager, DeRoy & Devereaux
Private Investment Counsel, Inc

Angela Moloney
President and CEO,
Catholic Foundation of Michigan

Andrea Safranksi
Director of Finance and Administration
Catholic Foundation of Michigan

Andrew Shmina
AZ Shmina

Michael Tindall
Private Wealth Manager
Hilltop Investment Council

Mike Vlasic
Family Office & Investment Executive,
NBT Investments

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