Individuals and Families

Individuals and families can establish a fund with the Catholic Foundation. Funds can be tailored to fit your own unique charitable interests.

The Catholic Foundation helps pass along Catholic values and makes a difference in the Church now and into the future.

  • When you make a gift now, you keep our Catholic community vibrant and thriving.
  • When you make a planned gift, you help parishes, Catholic schools and nonprofit organizations far into the future.

The Catholic Foundation offers many ways to support the faithful causes you care most about. No matter the amount of the gift you make, we have a giving option available to best support your passion within our Catholic faith.

Our free, professional assistance is here to help you and your family create your giving plan. We have a dedicated staff to guide you (and your advisors) every step of the way. Whether you are a first-time donor or a seasoned philanthropist, we will assist you in making gifts that reflect your wishes. Please contact us to discuss any of our services.

Let us help you create a Catholic legacy for the causes you care most about – and make a real difference in others’ lives.

Why Choose the Catholic Foundation?
Integrity of values

The professional management team at Merrill Lynch overseen by the Foundation’s investment committee ensures all funds are invested in accordance with the United States Conference Catholic Bishops guidelines for socially responsible investments.

Donor focused

Designate the charitable organization or parish of your choice, or leave your contribution unrestricted to serve the greatest need.

Simplicity and ease

The Catholic Foundation manages the administrative aspects of the fund, reducing your time commitment.

Financial sense

You may be able to avoid capital gains taxes on long-term, highly appreciated assets, as well as the ability to fund at your passing with an estate gift or designation in a will.

Visibility and marketing

The Foundation promotes your fund through the Catholic Foundation’s annual report, newsletters, website and donor portal.

Your Legacy

We want our children and grandchildren to have a strong future, rooted in the Catholic faith. The Catholic Foundation is here to make it easier to unleash the gospel in our area and inspire the next generation. Together, we ignite hearts and strengthen our Catholic faith.

How will you shape your legacy?

Open a Fund

Want to create a fund of your own? Whether it is a granting, scholarship or designated fund, we will help you create a uniquely tailored fund that best fits your family and the charities you love.

Support a Fund

With nearly 100 funds benefiting local parishes, Catholic schools, and ministries in Michigan, it is easy to support a cause you care about. There are many ways to leave a gift to an existing endowment that matches your purpose and intention.

Learn more about our funds and give now online.

How You Can Give

The Foundation accepts many types of assets, including:

  • cash (checks, credit cards, ACH, transfers)
  • marketable securities
  • real estate
  • retirement plan assets
  • life insurance
Learn more about the many ways to give and leave a legacy.Why consider a Catholic fund over a private family foundation?
Planned gifts

A planned gift is a major gift that requires forethought, as it comes from assets or from a will or estate. Many donors work with a professional to help them with a planned gift. Donors find that making a gift in their will (also called a bequest) is the easiest way to support the future of the Catholic community for generations to come. The goal of planned giving is to help you plan your estate and charitable giving in a way that benefits you, your family, and the causes you care most about.

The Foundation works with donors of all levels. You do not have to be wealthy to make a gift in your will.

Why Consider Planned Giving?

You can create your own Catholic legacy through a gift in your will. For many people, the best opportunity to make a significant gift to the Church is through their estate. That’s when life insurance death benefits are paid, the family house is sold, and investments are liquidated — your estate likely will have more cash available than you do during your lifetime.

Planned gifts can help you achieve your financial goals by providing tax benefits and the potential for returned income. Many gifts also benefit your children by providing tax and financial benefits.

Learn more about the benefits of planned giving.

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